Harry Blackmore Award

Recognising Those Who Make A Real Difference

The Harry Blackmore Award is an annual Award given in recognition of the contribution by an individual or organization in improving the quality of life for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired community.

The Deafness Council WA Award began in 1997 with Dr Harry Blackmore receiving the Award. After Dr Blackmore’s 1997 Award it was decided to name the Deafness Council WA Award the ‘Dr Harry Blackmore Award’. In 1998 Kevin Campbell of Channel 7 was the successful nominee and following years Dr John Byrne, Neville Aitken, Dorothy Shaw, Peta Monley and Fiona Perry received the Award.

More recent Award winners being;

Recent Award Winners

2006 Barry MacKinnon
2008 Dr Robert Pattuzi
2010 Patricia Levitzke-Grey
2011 Professor Marcus Atlas
2012 Paul Higginbotham
2013 Anne Jeavons
2014 Stewart Carter
2015 John Richards---Past Executive Principal of WA Institute for Deaf Education in recognition of his significant contribution to provide education support and choices to deaf children in Western Austarlia.
2016 Mavis Fisher---awarded for her over 30 years of dedication in promoting the educational needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and her continuing work to preserve the history of Deaf education in Western Australia.

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