Representing WA Deaf & Hearing Impaired

The Deafness Council W.A. Inc was established in 1974. The Council is a co-ordinating body whose role is facilitating the work of Deaf/Hearing Impaired individuals and agencies. The Council encourages relevant research and represents the needs and interests of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired to decision makers.

What We Do

In conjunction with Channel 7 the Deafness Council initiated the first live captioned news service in Australia and continue to campaign to increase closed captioning on the air and pay TV. Member John Byrne's actions to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission led to captioned new release movies being shown in major city theatres throughout Australia.

Deafness Council campaigned to convince government to introduce newborn hearing screening and to encourage this to become universal in Western Australia. State government was lobbied to improve sound systems in remote community schools to assist students, particularly aboriginal students, to overcome difficulties and further lobbying of health funds helped improve benefits for people claiming hearing aid/cochlear expenses. Deafness Council continue to lobby government on various issues, one being to support Deaf and Hearing Impaired people access appropriate visual smoke alarms.
Deafness Council participated in Hearing Awareness Week for the first time in 1979 and now annually promotes Hearing Awareness Week activities through awareness campaigns, participation, and launch activities in conjunction with the Better Hearing Australia Clear Speech Awards.

The Harry Blackmore Award is an annual award given in recognition of the work done by an individual or organisation to improve the lives of our Deaf and Hearing Impaired community.

With the support of Quadrant Energy, the Deafness Council are able to award a scholarship to Deaf / Hearing Impaired West Australian’s or groups.

You are in a good hands....